The Original FX Mayr x Jessie Li

About The Original FX Mayr

In October 1976, The Original FX Mayr opened in Austria as the first residential clinic to offer the famous Mayr ‘cure’. A system of health prevention based on the premise that giving the digestive system a break allows the body to profoundly heal itself elsewhere. Today, more popular than ever, the clinic offers the purest version of the Mayr cure, with enhanced diagnostics, emotional coaching and advanced therapies. Treating the whole person with a progressive 360-degree approach to health, where fasting and nutrition are at its core, has resulted in a 50% repeat guest ratio who return to enjoy outstanding care and superior comfort in a beautiful lakeside setting.

Influencer Marketing:
The Original FX Mayr x Jessie Li

Petrie PR initiated and liaised with Jessie Li, Hong Kong’s top luxury lifestyle influencer, as part of the influencer marketing service for The Original FX Mayr. Jessie Li has amassed 404k fans on Instagram, ranking her as a top 50 influencer in Hong Kong. A banker turned travel, beauty and lifestyle blogger, Jessie Li is also the co-founder of Change Global Media, a coach for Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide, and mentor at Inspiring Girls HK.


For this collaboration with The Original FX Mayr, Jessie Li produced 3 highly engaging Instagram Reels to narrate her wellness retreat experience at The Original FX Mayr, with daily Stories to further engage with her followers. Together, she delivered excellent results with over 15k reactions and 291 comments.