We greatly value diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) at our core

We respect the unique needs, perspectives and identities of our team and valued partners, while striving to create a healthy environment and culture for our variety of voices and diversity of thoughts.


  • The Petrie PR Team is proudly multi-cultural
  • We represent diversity and embrace inclusion, by religion and LGBTQ
Petrie PR company values

Job Opportunities

Petrie PR is currently recruiting for an Account Executive and Account Manager position in its Jakarta office. We are always happy to hear from talented individuals who are interested to apply for future positions with our Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore and Jakarta teams and will keep your details on file for future opportunities. Please send your name and CV to and we will be in touch.


Petrie PR offers an on-going series of internships across our regional offices in Asia for a minimum of a three months duration and longer. To apply for an internship, please send your CV to explaining why you want to work in PR and at Petrie PR specifically and what skills set you believe you can bring to the team. Petrie PR is always looking for exceptional talent and we look forward to hearing from you.

“At Petrie PR, it is all about our people, to nurture and support exceptional talent facilitating individual development to achieve personal growth and success. For us at Petrie PR we prioritize having a positive attitude which permeates our DNA and really leading from the front to drive a strong and happy fulfilled team spirit.”

We celebrate creative, passionate people who always strive to do their best in a fast paced and dynamic agency environment appreciating the diverse landscape of cultures and languages we operate in across in Asia. We pride ourselves in our ethos and operating mantra of inclusiveness and diversity where everyone is encouraged to contribute and bring their ideas to exceed expectations for our clients and for Petrie PR’s achievement as the leading luxury lifestyle integrated communications agency in Asia.”

Linda Petrie

Managing Director, Petrie PR