Taipa Village Cultural Association Introduces Upcoming Events and Social Responsibility Programmes

28 Nov Taipa Village Cultural Association Introduces Upcoming Events and Social Responsibility Programmes

Taipa Village Cultural Association takes great pleasure in introducing upcoming events and social responsibility programmes, with the goal of preserving and enriching the unique cultural and historic beauty of Macau’s Taipa Village district.   


“All these initiatives will cement the position of Taipa Village as a distinctive community that benefits the entire city and contributes to the sustainability of non-gaming tourism in Macau.” says João Ó, President of the Executive Board, Taipa Village Cultural Association. “By introducing a variety of cultural events and activities in Taipa Village, we are creating more tourist attractions in the neighbourhood that can further foster the sustainable heritage of this culturally rich landmark destination.”


European Charity Carnival                      

To promote Taipa Village’s colourful history and unique heritage, Taipa Village Cultural Association will organise a winter food festival, with the aim of raising charity funds to support the Salvation Army’s efforts to help less fortunate members of the community in Macau during the festive season. The event will showcase European dining and festive culture with a collection of gourmet booths and live entertainment, transforming Taipa Village into a lively, Mediterranean-style hotspot. Visitors will be amazed by an exotic Portuguese live band, accordion music, Flamenco dance, and other interactive streetsmosphere attractions as they enjoy an array of fine European food and drink from countries including Portugal, Spain, Italy, France and Germany.  Further to this, the general public can also enjoy signature gourmet at designated merchants in Taipa Village by presenting the discount vouchers embedded in the event voucher set. The merchants will donate MOP$10 for every redeemed discount coupon as part of the community contribution.


General Information

Date: 3rd December (Sat) to 11th December 2016 (Sun)

Time: 2:00pm – 9:00pm

Venue: Feira do Carmo, Taipa, Macau

Admission: free


Product Purchase:

  • Participants are required to purchase event vouchers at the door in order to make purchases. Only cash is accepted.
  • Each event voucher includes a denomination of “cash vouchers” and “merchant discount vouchers”.
  • All net proceeds will be donated to the Salvation Army in Macau.


Educational Tours

Alongside fundraising events, Taipa Village Cultural Association will also arrange two educational tours of Taipa Village for underprivileged children between the ages of 6 and 12, comprising visits to churches, temples, museums and selected merchants, and followed by food tasting sessions and mini-workshops at Taipa Village Art Space. The first tour, on 10th December, will be run in collaboration with the Macau True Goodwill Women Association and the next tour, on 17th December, will be conducted for Caritas Macau. The tours aim to raise awareness of Taipa Village’s rich history and priceless heritage, allowing the future generations to enjoy a unique experience of authentic Macau.

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Art Exhibitions and Workshops

Following the grand opening of the Taipa Village Art Space on 5th October, the association plans to hold a series of exhibitions and workshops there to enhance the appeal of this artistic and cultural attraction, where visitors and art lovers can appreciate the talents of both local and international artists, and craft their own creations at workshops with the historic backdrop of Taipa Village. Two workshops were held, on 5th and 12th November, and more are planned soon. Eclectic pop-up concepts will also be developed in collaboration with local art associations and galleries to foster new talents and local brands, contribute to the cultural and creative industries in Macau.


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