Soneva Has Loos and Bathtubs with Views

24 Jul Soneva Has Loos and Bathtubs with Views

Soneva, the world-leading luxury resort operator, is known for its signature outdoor bathrooms that come with lush gardens or expansive water features. While these are found in all of Soneva’s villas there are a number of loos and bathtubs that come with exceptional views at each resort.


At Out of the Blue at Soneva Fushi and at the Six Senses Spa at Soneva Kiri, bathroom goers are sure to get a delight from the view. Out of the Blue (left image below) offers guests sweeping vistas of the Baa Atoll and parts of the island that Soneva Fushi calls home. While at the spa (right image below) the bathroom lets guests relax close to nature after a soothing or invigorating spa treatment. Also, at Soneva Fushi is the upstairs toilet (bottom image) that overlooks the island’s greenery from the lofty heights of Fresh in the Garden. The restaurant’s bathroom has a view let in through a floor-to-ceiling window that also allows in an abundance of natural light, making the space feel even larger.


This  in the sprawling four-bedroom Villa 15 is surrounded by a tranquil water feature replete with stepping stones that take you to the outdoor shower. Although the bathtub is covered, guests can still experience showering with only the sky and forest canopy overhead. Verdant tropical vegetation brings nature even closer as guests can shower beneath the open sky.


Soneva Fushi’s Two Bedroom Crusoe Villa Suite with Pool has an outdoor bathtub and shower, stepping stones included. The sunken tub lets guests bathe by sunlight or moonbeams surrounded by the mirror-like water feature.

Soneva Jani’s Three Bedroom Water Reserve is home to this wooden bathtub that takes pride of place on one of the balconies, offering bathers panoramic views of the turquoise lagoon. Just the place to watch the sunset with a glass of Champagne close by.

The men’s loo at Soneva Kiri positions the elegantly designed urinal so that one faces the stunning jungle foliage native to Koh Kood as well as the Gulf of Thailand beyond the steep drop off of the cliff. The rustic décor sees the repurposed metal pails as the wash basins, set on plinths made out of tree trunks.

Some of Soneva Kiri’s larger villas come with a separate children’s tree house, replete with bunk beds and access to the water slide into the pool below. These tree houses have their own en-suite bathrooms, usually with a view of dense tropical rainforest.


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