Palace Hotel Tokyo presents ‘The Best of Japan’ with the Jugetsudo Autumn Afternoon Tea

24 Sep Palace Hotel Tokyo presents ‘The Best of Japan’ with the Jugetsudo Autumn Afternoon Tea

Palace Hotel Tokyo is delighted to introduce guests to ‘The Best of Japan’ this autumn through an exclusive collaboration with The Palace Lounge and the venerable tea purveyor Maruyama Nori presenting an exceptional afternoon tea experience featuring creative infusions of its prestigious Jugetsudo line of premium Japanese teas.


Guests are invited to The Palace Lounge to savor the Jugetsudo Autumn Afternoon Tea and enjoy a timeless tradition presented with a contemporary twist. The special afternoon tea starts with the brewed thick matcha tea koicha which is made with the finest tea leaves, served with a thin matcha tea-flavored cake usucha.  A signature three-tier Jyubako Lacquer box follows with a selection of cakes infused with organic Japanese teas as well as sweets and savories pairing with seasonal autumn ingredients, fruits and traditional Japanese confectionary.


To mark this exclusive collaboration, Jugetsudo has created a matcha only for the Palace Hotel Tokyo which is prepared in the traditional style of preserving tea leaves dating back to the Edo era – a washi paper bag with matured matcha tea leaves are placed in a traditional-style ceramic vase and less matured tea leaves are poured on top, elevating the sense of absolute satiation.


Established in 1854, Maruyama Nori has more than 160 years of tradition and experience pursuing the highest quality ingredients offering an enjoyable fragrance of tea that provides a sense of comfort. According to the long tradition of the Japanese tea ceremony, autumn, specifically the month of November is regarded as the ‘new year’ for tea, the time when the tea leaves freshly picked in Springtime and meticulously stored throughout the summer months have matured into the matcha ready to be enjoyed.


The Jugetsudo Autumn Afternoon Tea at the Palace Hotel Tokyo is available between 1st September and 30th November 2019, starting from JPY 4,800 per person or JPY 6,500 with a glass of champagne. For more information, please visit


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