Swire Properties Utilizes Cutting-Edge Architecture And Natural Design For East Miami, Signature Hotel At Brickell City Centre

11 Jul Swire Properties Utilizes Cutting-Edge Architecture And Natural Design For East Miami, Signature Hotel At Brickell City Centre

Global design team from Miami, Los Angeles, New York and Europe collaborated on landmark project


The newly opened EAST, Miami — the first U.S. hotel from Swire Hotels’ EAST brand, and the signature hotel at Swire Properties Inc’s $1.05-billion landmark Brickell City Centre, has already received critical acclaim for its utilization of groundbreaking architecture and modernist design focused on natural interiors. A 40-story complex featuring two unique restaurants and bars, 352 guest rooms and suites, an outdoor patio with four pools, public spaces, and conference and banquet rooms, EAST, Miami is the result of a collaboration of world-class architects, interior designers, and artists who created an unprecedented multi-dynamic lifestyle experience in the heart of Miami’s financial district.

The global team responsible for EAST, Miami is detailed below.


Arquitectonica – EAST, Miami was conceptualized by award-winning, Miami-based architecture firm Arquitectonica, known worldwide for its humanistic, modern design, and keen focus on geometry and patterns. Two dramatic “erosions” — triangular cutouts at key points within the slender tower — make way for a monolithic pool and deck, providing distinct views from a variety of pedestrian standpoints. A keen use of the city’s natural air flow creates wide-open, naturally cooled decks and patios, giving the hotel a relaxed, modern vibe from top to bottom.


Clodagh Designs – Award-winning, New York-based Clodagh Designs provided a sophisticated take on a modern beachfront property dropped into a buzzing urban center. A combination of textures, unpredictable color and lighting, subtle earth tones, and sculptural furniture allow designer Clodagh to engage guests with subtle visual cues. Bridges and pathways provide transitions from one experience to another, utilizing color and light as navigational tools. The perception of crossing seamlessly from experience to experience inspires a feeling of community throughout the hotel, making each of the towers’ individual spaces uniquely connected as one.

“I want the guests to enjoy a necklace of beautiful experiences, while also feeling a sense that they have been here before. That warm feeling of nostalgia and harmony is the target,” said Clodagh, the internationally renowned designer responsible for the interiors at EAST, Miami. “To me, there is no such thing as an inanimate object, so including pieces and finishes with good energy was paramount.”


Indiewalls – Working closely with local and national artists, Clodagh and art dealer Indiewalls selected works including sculptures, paintings and photographs that highlight Miami’s scenic locales, drenched in a palette of blue, yellow, white and amber. Custom commissions, sculptures, and framed prints create an individualized collection that further defines EAST, Miami as a relaxing outpost for both entertainment and culture.


Studio Collective – EAST, Miami’s two distinct restaurant and bar experiences – Quinto La Huella, the parrilla grill inspired by Uruguay’s beachside Parador La Huella, and Sugar, the rooftop bar and garden located on the 40th floor, were designed by Los Angeles-based Studio Collective. With interior and al fresco dining options and a beachy vibe similar to its sister restaurant in Uruguay, Quinto La Huella is anchored by its massive, wood-burning parrilla grill.  At the center of the restaurant’s main dining room, a sprawling bar commands guests’ attention. Drawing inspiration from the lush jungles in Southeast Asia, Studio Collective designers landscaped Sugar with a plethora of plants and trees, including Cocoplum, Fragrant Star Jasmine and swaying White Fountain Grasses, as well as local Sea Grape and Plumeria.


CLIMATE RIBBON™ – Framing the hotel’s fifth floor is the signature CLIMATE RIBBON™, which forms an architectural canopy over the expansive porch and pool deck shared with Quinto La Huella, providing shade and natural cooling. A masterpiece of art and science composed of steel, fabric and continuous glass surface, The CLIMATE RIBBON™ is a $30 million elevated trellis that spans 150,000 square feet. Glazed to protect pedestrians from rain, and designed to collect an estimated three million gallons of rainwater annually, its undulating shape encourages Miami’s prevailing breezes to flow through the concourse.